Scout Programs at the Hermitage

The Hermitage offers after-school programs for Girl Scouts and Cub Scouts, Monday-Friday during the school year.  Each program runs 90 minutes, 3:45 p.m. – 5:15 p.m., and must be booked in advance with the Director of Education.  For information and availability, please contact Vanessa Hamilton, Director of Education, at 201-445-8311 x103 or

All Cub Scout programs cost $10 per person and should be booked through the Hermitage Education office.  Our programs cover requirements for many badges from Tigers through Webeloes II. Click the link to see our various Cub Scout Programs.

All Girl Scout programs can be booked through the Hermitage Education office. Contact the Hermitage Education office for specific program information and rates. Our programs cover requirements for many badges from Daisy to Junior and above. Click the link to see our various Girl Scout Programs.

Most of our scout programs incorporate at least a partial tour of the historic Hermitage.  Gardening programs do not include an inside tour of the museum.

Up to 4 adult chaperones may accompany your scout group.  All adults must pay admission fees.  We are unable to accommodate adults and siblings who are not participating in a program.

The Hermitage may close because of snow or unsafe weather conditions.  If closure is necessary, you will be contacted by a member of the Hermitage Education staff and your visit will be rescheduled.  If it is raining or cold, we recommend dressing your scouts for the weather – boots, hats, raincoats, etc.  Parts of our programs are conducted outdoors.

Scouts who participate in gardening programs should wear sneakers or boots.  Gardening gloves are recommended.

Once you’ve booked your scout visit, click here for important information