The Hermitage Gardens

Spanning the grounds of the Victorian-Gothic home are lush gardens that any plant lover can visit today!


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Victorian Gardens

Established in 2011, these gardens are maintained by our Master Gardeners year round! Feel free to come and visit today!

Our Herbs:

Bee Balm

Also known as horsemint and wild bergamot, these flowers are an edible member of the mint family and can be found in the Hermitage Gardens!

Blue False Indigo

Also known as Baptisia, the Blue False Indigo is a member of the legume (pea) family which can be used for dyeing. In the Victorian Era, parents would give the pods to children to play with as a way to occupy them.


Also known as Nepeta or Catnip, Catmint is large & tends to bloom in the early summer months. While the plant has been made into ointment for arthritis it is mainly known for its containing nepetalactone, a chemical that binds to cats olfactory receptors causing temporary euphoria and giving it the nickname, Catnip.


Chamomile is. anannual flower that is best known as an ingredient in herbal tea. Giving off the aroma of apples, this flower has been used for thousands of years to treat and anxiety and settle upset stomachs!

Lavender Cotton

Sometimes called French Lavender, this plant has a much harsher smell than true lavender making it an excellent moth repellent! 


A plant with leaves and roots that can be used for salads and seeds that can be used similarly to fennel seeds.

Lambs Ear

A member of the mint family, the Lambs Ear is known as the original band aid due to the fact that this plant was used to treat wounds prior to 1912. An ornamental plant, it flowers in late spring and grows back every year!


A member of the legume family, this plant was formerly used to treat constipation! Senna is quite large, growing 4-5 feet in length and is known for attracting caterpillars. 

Our Plants

Just some of the many plants!

Come join us seven days a week to view these beautiful gardens or Tuesday-Thursday mornings to help us keep these Gardens alive!


Photo’s by Matthew Shore & Ryan Holmquist

Our Master Gardeners:

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335 North Franklin Turnpike Ho-Ho-Kus, New Jersey 07423

The Gardens at the Hermitage Museum

Established. 2011