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The Dayton Family 

In addition to personal attraction, Elijah found in Cornelia Livingston Dayton a young woman from a cosmopolitan family of some affluence and a long-established heritage. Her grandfather, Captain Samuel Dayton, was a successful businessman. Her father’s and grandfather’s Dayton family reached back to 17th-century Boston. The family of her mother, Cornelia Street Dayton, also reached back to 17th-century Boston and through the Billings side to the powerful colonial families of Robert Livingston and Philip Schuyler.

Killie’s maternal uncle Alfred Billings Street was a lawyer; a published poet and writer of books on history and nature in New York State; and the editor of Northern Lights, a well-known literary journal in the 1840s. He was named the director of the New York State Library in Albany in 1848.

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