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Excerpts of Letters Elijah Received from Creditors

A. H. Hatch wrote on August 1, 1861:

We do not wish to force you but something must be done to place your indebtedness to this bank on a more satisfactory basis. . . . [I]f some measures are not taken without further delay toward paying or better excusing it we shall be compelled to resort to other measures.

“B. R. P.” wrote on March 4, 1863:

Mr. Peter Bogert who holds a mortgage against your property says he has written you twice lately in reference to it but has received no answer to either letter. He desires you to pay. He would like you to call upon him within ten days and make some satisfactory arrangements respecting it or else he would be obliged to take some other way of directing your attention to it.

A. V. S. Inorsbuck wrote on June 25, 1863:

I think now I have waited as long as you, or anyone, can wish to know — under the circumstances for my money — and now urgently request you to send it to me from the receipt of this. If you cannot send the whole, send part, to show you have a disposition to pay as you have often said you have.

On August 12, 1863, the same creditor wrote:

Yours with a check of $135 . . . came to hand and has been payed to your credit. I hope you will be able to send me next month a larger remittance.

J. Y. Dater wrote on August 3, 1863:

You will much oblige me by paying [$190.60] next week or give me a note with security. I have been very patient with you. Please let me hear from you at your earliest convenience.

J. N. Watson, Millwright & Machinists, wrote on July 1, 1865:

It would greatly oblige us by your calling at our office sometime during the ensuing week and pay the amount of account now long past due. Trusting that you will not disappoint us.

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