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James Prevost's Military Career

When the British forces under General Edward Braddock were defeated by the French and their Indian allies in western Pennsylvania in 1755, Parliament approved the formation of the Royal American Regiment. The officers were to be Protestants from the continent who had military experience and who could speak many languages. In 1756, all three Prevost brothers received commissions in the regiment: Augustine as a major; Jacques as a colonel; and James as a captain. Jacques seems to have avoided major battles, but James was wounded in the battle at Ticonderoga, New York, and Augustine suffered serious wounds while fighting with General James Wolfe's army near Quebec in 1758. Both brothers recovered in New York City. [Tell me more about James's brother Augustin Prevost.]

After he recovered from his wounds, James accompanied Colonel Henry Bouguet, a fellow Swiss officer in the Royal American Regiment, to establish a British post at Presque Isle (present-day Erie, Pennsylvania) in 1761. They also spent time at Fort Niagara. James was then assigned to New York City to take charge of British troops there. 

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