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Since the original Hermitage history page went online in 2002, dozens of people and institutions have contributed to both its content and design. For the expansion of the original Hermitage website in 2001–2002, the Friends of the Hermitage, Inc., received a Special Projects Grant from the New Jersey Historical Commission, a division of Cultural Affairs in the Department of State, and a matching grant from the Challenge Cost Share Program, National Park Service, Department of the Interior.

The publication of Henry Bischoff and Marion Brown’s monograph The Rosencrantz Cotton Warp Mill, on which parts of the website are based, was funded in part by the Bergen County Department of Parks and the New Jersey Historical Commission, a Division of Cultural Affairs in the Department of State, through grant funds administered by the Bergen County Division of Cultural and Historic Affairs. The publication of Dr. Bischoff’s Victorian Gothic (2011), on which parts of the website are based, as well as the redesign and revision of the website in 2012, were funded by generous donations from anonymous donors.

Dr. Henry Bischoff, director of historical studies at The Hermitage, wrote and compiled the text for the social history sections of the website, with research assistance from Diane Barsa, John Becica, Marion Brown, Sean Cosgrove, Susan Deeks, Delight Dodyk, Phyllis Geraghty, Alec Hurst, Richard Lenk, Michael Nevins, Peggy Norris, and Stephen Rice. The text for the architectural history section of the website was compiled and written by Dr. Bischoff and T. Robins Brown, executive director of the Friends of the Hermitage in 2000–2002, with assistance from Dr. Moira LeMay. David Whieldon, chairman of the Revolutionary War Roundtable of Bergen County, reviewed all material pertaining to the war and its impact on the region.

Images used in the website are from the Hermitage Collection of the New Jersey Division of Parks and Forestry, unless noted otherwise. Images were selected and prepared by former curators Pamela Deitrich and Kelly McCartney, with assistance from Kimberley Ludwig. William Shannon designed the graphic family trees of the Prevost and Rosencrantz families.

The original 2001–2002 website was designed by Yvette Lucas. Nick Giglio, Andrew Loh, Danielle Unger, and Amy DeRobertis provided early technical assistance. In 2012, the website was redesigned by Janet Kreller. Revision and reformatting of the hyperlinked text in the 2012 redesign was done by Susan Deeks.

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